Product Vessel Client Evaluation
+ Deal Structure

Product Vessel is focused on quickly identifying well-positioned product-companies and plugging them into a flexible formula; flexible to meet the exact uniqueness of the client, while formulaic to our tried-and-true methods for radically increasing digital sales.

For Franchisees, the following requirements are necessary of each product-company for them to qualify as a client for Product Vessel:

  • Minimum $2,500 USD per month in digital online sales
    • Idea Vessel is interested in products, not ideas
  • Ability to infinitely scale the manufacturing of their product
    • when Idea Vessel radically increases their sales, can they keep up?
  • Localized distribution and shipping that allows for a product to arrive at a customer’s door in five business days or less
    • e.g. if a client wants to ship direct from their manufacturer in China and it takes 14 days for the customer to receive the product, it’s going to hurt Idea Vessel’s ability to properly market the client's product
  • Product profit margin >60%
    • it’s the only way Idea Vessel can take a lion’s portion of the profit share (due to its heavy upfront labor investment and financial investment in digital advertising spend) and all parties still make a lot of money

If a product company meets these requirements, then a contract will be drawn up between the Idea Vessel Franchise and the client; each contract is unique to the client’s exact position, but the main points of each contract are as follows:

  • Relationship into perpetuity as long as both parties achieve their performance milestones and don’t violate the contract Idea Vessel is the client’s exclusive digital marketing agency
  • A scope of work is provided explaining the digital intellectual property that Idea Vessel India will be building and executing for the client
  • Stipulations are made as to whether the client will be providing capital for the digital advertising spend, or whether they will receive investing from the Product Vessel Digital Advertising Spend Investor Pool
  • A revenue / profit share is agreed upon between the two parties

While every contract is different, if you would like more information, please request an example contract of an agreement between Idea Vessel and a product-company client.

While Franchisees are required to put every potential client through the above requirement-test, uniquely attractive client-opportunities may present themselves that do not meet all / any of the requirements. In such cases, the Franchisee communicates with Idea Vessel Inc. (Global) in written form the unique opportunity, at which point Idea Vessel Inc. evaluates the opportunity to assess whether it should create a unique partnership for such opportunity. Depending on the specifics surrounding the unique opportunity, Idea Vessel Inc. may consult investors in the Digital Advertising Spend Investor Pool and/or KVCF - US INC to evaluate potential investment scenarios.

For more information on how Idea Vessel Inc. evaluates unique client opportunities, please refer to the following PDF:

Product Vessel